Vasco da Gama in her current livery as the Pacific Eden

The people have spoken. In a poll conducted with the line’s loyal Columbus Club passengers and valued travel trade partners, some forty six per cent of Cruise and Maritime’s voters elected to rename the ship as Vasco da Gama, in honour of the illustrious Portuguese explorer.

Currently still sailing for P&O Australia as the Pacific Eden, the 55,000 ton ship- which originally started life as the Statendam in 1994-will be delivered to Cruise and Maritime Voyages at Singapore in April of 2019.

After rebranding, the ship will depart from Singapore on April 29th, on a forty six day delivery voyage that will carry passengers through South East Asia, around the highlights of the Indian sub continent, the Suez Canal, and finally the Mediterranean, before the ship is showcased at a series of trade and media events in London Tilbury, Amsterdam, and Bremerhaven. From there, the Vasco da Gama will begin her inaugural summer season of cruises.

In summer and autumn, Vasco da Gama will operate in the German market, sailing from both Bremerhaven and Kiel. During winter, she will redeploy to Australia to operate cruises ‘down under’ at the height of the summer season, before returning to Europe in late spring.

Details of the ship’s forthcoming maiden voyage for CMV will be announced in May. Stay tuned for details.


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