The Silver Whisper epitomises seagoing luxury

While copy writing hyperbole seems to run rampant these days, and so many statements simply go unchallenged, I have to call stop on the over use, nay abuse, of the word ‘luxury’…..

As a term, it’s the new ‘iconic’; a threadbare catch all that actually dilutes the true essence of what it was originally intended to convey. And it’s running rampant, like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

So. Yes, whoa there……

While I would say that the London Ritz is certainly luxury, I would equally attest that an Easter Egg, however mountainous, most certainly is not. Yes, that’s right, folks; a ‘luxury’ Easter Egg….

Nor can I get overly excited about ‘luxury’ bath soap. I get that bath products can be very pleasant and extremely enjoyable, but ‘luxury’? Please God, make it stop.

It goes on and on. We have ‘luxury’ chocolate bars, ‘luxury’ toilet rolls, ‘luxury’ clothes and furnishings. If ever there was imminent danger of a word being hyped out of it’s true definition, then this one is surely it.

And yes, luxury is a very personal thing. Being generic in the largest sense, I would argue that ‘luxury’ is a combination of ease, space, sublime service, and elegant fixtures. Take any one of these out of the equation, and you dilute the overall level of luxe. It’s a bit like somebody trying to pass off Lambrini as Lanson Black Label.

A suite on a  six star cruise ship is certainly luxurious; a bowl of bespoke toffee sweets- however nicely wrapped- is not.

OK, rant over. What do YOU think?


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