MSC Armonia

In a deft little touch, MSC Cruises has added Miami to the list of ports to be sued for embarkation on the Cuba cruises operated by MSC Armonia, effective as of December 10th this year.

A Monday embarkation in the Florida port gives passengers the possibility of a seven night round trip cruise with calls at Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, before a Saturday arrival into Havana for an overnight stay in the famed Cuban capital.

The Miami option is in addition to the current, banner embarkation ports at Montego Bay and, of course, Havana itself. The relative abundance (and price) of air lift into the Florida port from Europe should prove to be a real shot in the arm for MSC’s Cuba operation overall.

MSC Armonia was originally built in 2001as the European Vision at Chantiers shipyard at St. Nazaire for the now defunct Festival Cruises. She was acquired by MSC in 2004, and was lengthened in 2014 with the addition of a new mid section. Even so, she remains a smaller, far more intimate version of the MSC seagoing experience.

MSC Armonia will share the port of Miami with her much larger fleet mates, the Caribbean bound MSC Seaside and MSC Divina. Despite offering much of the same, Mediterranean inspired life style as those larger ships, the MSC Armonia does so in a much more intimate setting.

With the addition of Miami as an embarkation port for the sizzling, salsa fuelled Cuban cruise run, I expect this charming, tasteful ship to be a big success in her revamped role.


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