Silver Whisper. Photo credit: Silversea Cruises

You always know that you’re on a classy ship when they bring some musical accompaniment outside to go with your evening meal. As if the sounds of steak, lobster and sea bass sizzling on our personal hot, volcanic rock plates was not symphony enough, we got some gentle, lilting piano melodies as a side order to go, too.

By this time, life aboard the Silver Whisper had morphed into a kind of sublime, smiley dream. Our days of lounging around the pool, sipping on Margaritas and picking at gourmet burgers slid easily into pre dinner cocktails on the open air aft terrace, and nights of sublime gourmet gluttony under those seemingly endless northern skies.

And this night too, was special; for this was Midsummer’s Eve. With the gently rolling Baltic crowned by the kind of slowly unfurling sunset that is almost heart stopping, we feasted as much on the surroundings as the steaks. That magical, mellow evening unfolded as slow and sublime as a flurry of muffled drum rolls.

There’s something quite moving and different about being in these waters in the summertime. A sense of being totally detached from such mundane things as reality. Our drinks glasses somehow refilled themselves without anyone noticing. Plates were removed and replaced; we talked and bonded in the blissful, boundless surroundings of an amazing, gold and grey sky, tainted burnt orange by the falling rays of the slowly setting sun.

Tomorrow would see our arrival in wonderful, whimsical Copenhagen, the Queen of Scandinavian cities. And, great as my pleasure would be at reconnecting with my favourite of all European cities, it also meant that I would be leaving the Silver Whisper- not to mention some wonderful, new found friends- behind me.

Though Captain Luigi had very kindly said that I could stay on board for the next cruise if I wanted (and a week to the beautiful fjords of Western Norway would not have been life’s greatest hardship) I knew full well that there were others who, quite rightly, would expect me to be elsewhere. Reality, that most unwelcome of all house guests, was definitely a ghost at the feast that night.

So yes, leaving Silversea remains, as ever, such sweet sorrow. I definitely felt as if I had been taken off life support next morning when, after one final languid breakfast, I shuffled down the gangway of the Silver Whisper, feeling very much like Cinderella the morning after the ball.

And that, for now, is where we leave things….


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