Celestyal cruises has announced a two month, winter deployment for the Celestyal Olympia through November and December 2016.

Instead of going into her annual winter lay up at Piraeus, the 37, 584 ton ship- built in 1982 as the original Song of America – will offer a series of four night cruises to Egypt and Israel. Based out of the Turkish port of Antalya, the 724 cabin ship will make a series of four night cruises over the two month period.

Each of these will offer a brace of two day stays in both Ashdod, Israel, and Egypt’s Port Said. Passengers embarking on the ship will thus have plenty of time to get up close and personal to the great pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, as well as the numerous religious sites associated with the Holy Land.

The unprecedented move means that, for the first time, both of the Celestyal stalwarts will find gainful employment during the off season, with fleet mate, Celestyal Crystal, deploying out of Havana and Montego Bay on her seven night Cuba sailings. Overall, it marks a subtle change in emphasis for the specialist Greek operator.

Interesting times seem to be in the offing here. This short, two month deployment of Celestyal Olympia should be the obvious

The Celestyal Olympia

precursor to a possibly longer and more extensive series of winter sailings next year,

As ever, stay tuned for further development.


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